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Statement by People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism following CBI raid at Sabrang Communications and homes of its editors and publishers

PADS strongly condemns the CBI raids of 14 July 2915 at the premises of social activist Teesta Setalvad, her husband Javed Anand, Gulam Mohammed Peshimam and office of Sabrang Communications and Publishing in Mumbai. These raids are undertaken for purely vindictive reasons given the assurances of complete cooperation and submission of thousands of pages of documents to the CBI. It is by now an open secret that activists working for justice and truth with regard to the pogrom called ‘Gujarat Riots’ have earned the hatred and animosity of the Modi government; which does not hesitate to employ official state power to indulge in a witch-hunt.


UN May Downgrade NHRC Status

In April of this year, a group in India called the All India Network of NGOs and Individuals working with National and State Human Rights Institutions (AiNNI) issued a report critical of the functioning of the National Human Rights Commission. The report, addressed to the Sub Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the International Co‐ordinating Committee (ICC) of NHRIs in Geneva, faulted the NHRC on grounds of its financial dependence on the Ministry of Home Affairs, political favoritism in appointments, lack of decentralization in operations, carelessness in the disposal of cases and failure to engage with human rights groups in India.


Understanding Civil Society Action in the Binayak Sen case

The case of Binayak Sen ( by this I mean the legal case as well as the whole body of civil society reaction across national and social boundaries) is in many ways a landmark in Indian jurisprudence. Apart from the personal pain and agony that I have gone through, in being witness to Binayak’s uncalled for incarceration and unjust conviction, the case has also intellectually challenged me along with many other citizens of my country and forced so many of us to look critically at the laws and statutes that govern our lives.


Binayak Sen: Institutionalised mechanism needed to oversee court process

Civil rights activist Binayak Sen favoured an institutionalised mechanism to oversee the process conducted in local courts even in routine cases.

Mr. Sen claimed there was absolutely a “total disjunction” between the evidence recorded and the judgement delivered by a Chhattisgarh court which convicted him on charges of sedition.


PUCL Seminar: Attack by the State on Life and Personal liberty of its people, May 7-8

SEMINAR On Attack by the State on Life and Personal liberty of its people in Democratic India: Examining the Law on Sedition, other Draconian Laws and Human Rights Violations of Citizens under Ordinary Laws 7th -8th May, 2011 (Saturday and Sunday) From 10.30 am onwards Gandhi Peace Foundation, 223 Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, Delhi PRESS [...]