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A Conversation With Human Rights Activist Binayak Sen

Binayak Sen, 62, is no ordinary doctor. Few doctors, after all, spend three decades working in a region threatened by what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the “single biggest internal security challenge ever faced” by the country. And that was before Dr. Sen was jailed on charges of “waging a war against the state,” which prompted a group of Nobel laureates to petition for his release.


Dr. Binayak Sen speaking on Malnutrition and Famine in India

Dr. Binayak Sen in this speech given at the Tata Insititue of Social Sciences, Mumbai India, on December 14, 2009, talks of a shocking truth about India. 33% of Adult Indians are Malnutritioned. 43% of Children in India are malnutritioned.


Famine and civil rights in India – interview of Dr. Binayak Sen on Australian radio

Interview with Dr. Binayak Sen conducted by Norman Swan of the Australian Broadcasting Company. Monday 25 January 2010 From the land of Bollywood, a huge IT industry – India – the much touted success story of a developing nation turning into a sophisticated advanced country – comes the disturbing story of an eminent doctor who [...]