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Dr. Binayak Sen Booklet, Compiled by the Committee for the Release of Binayak Sen, Mumbai

Perilous Medicine

The Legacy of Oppression and Conflict on Health in Kosovo

This report details the detention, torture, prosecution and killing of Kosovar Albanian physicians by Serbian forces during the 1998-99 war which took place during the decade-long exclusion of the majority of Kosovar Albanian physicians from the state health system. It describes the destructive legacy of these years on the subsequent reconstruction and current state of the Kosovo health system.

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USA: Kansas Abortion Doctor Targeted by Extremists — Sound Familiar?

by Katherine Spillar

“Are doctors who are willing to provide [abortions] still just on their own, with their face on WANTED posters… waiting to see what happens next?… How do we as a country react?”

Rachel Maddow posed that question last week as she reported from Kansas on the escalating campaign of threats, harassment and terror against Dr. Mila Means, who recently announced her plans to provide abortions in Wichita.

Abortions have not been available in the city since the murder of Dr. George Tiller in May 2009. Means has now become the target of an aggressive campaign led by anti-abortion extremists.

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Bahrain: ‘I saw these brave doctors trying to save lives – these charges are a pack of lies’ – Robert Fisk

Has the Khalifa family gone mad? Yesterday, the Bahraini royal family started an utterly fraudulent trial of 48 surgeons, doctors, paramedics and nurses, accusing them of trying to topple the tin-pot monarchy of this Sunni minority emirate. The defendants in this flagrantly unfair military court are, of course, members of the majority Shia people of Bahrain. And since I was a witness to their heroic efforts to save lives in February, I can say – let us speak with a frankness that the Bahraini rulers would normally demand – that the charges are a pack of lies.

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