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NAPM press release against arrest and conviction Dr Binayak Sen

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NAPM condemns the fraudulent punishment by the Court in BJP ruled Chattisgarh against Dr Binayak Sen

We are shocked and pained to hear that the District and Sessions court in Raipur has charged Dr. Binayak Sen of sedition, treason and conspiracy against the State leading to life imprisonment. This is no judgement but rather a viciously motivated and unjust punishment to a non-violent human rights activist who has been challenging injustice and violation of people’s rights. It is obviously politically motivated and aimed at threatening any and every struggle by adivasis and other vulnerable sections of our society. We all condemn it as unjustifiable. It’s a cruel blow to the democratic fabric of our country wherein the corporatised State and its position against the natural resource based communities is reflected in an illegitimate way to suppress the challenge.

Knowing Dr. Binayak Sen, the pediatrician, as a patriot with commitment to protection of human rights and known to be a gentle human being, there is no doubt that it is the same fraudulent ‘proof‘
and process that has led to such a condemnable contempt of people’s struggles in this country. Having experienced the dealings of the BJP Government in Chhattisgarh, whether through Salwa Judum or through the black act in the name of security of the State, it is obvious that having failed in assuring the tribal society of and ensuring peace, the Raman Singh Government and its agencies have resorted to unconstitutional means to suppress Dr. Sen and others who represent patriotism and not sedition.

We, the peaceful people’s movements, should take a clue and get ready to lodge a stronger struggle nationwide against the violence by any pillar of the State. If not today, it would be never.

Medha Patkar Madhuresh Kumar Arundhati Dhuru
Simprit Singh Suhas Kolhekar Suniti S.R.