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Isn’t It Time to End this Injustice? Free Binayak Sen! | solidarity meeting in Bombay, 2 april 2009

INSAANIYAT and the Committee For The Release of Binayak Sen

Invite you to:

“Isn’t It Time to End this Injustice? Free Binayak Sen!”

a solidarity meeting with short contributions from

film makers Anand Patwardhan & Sudhir Mishra,

Binayak’s friends Drs Sanjay Nagral & Santosh Karmarkar, and Pranita Sen (Binayak’s daughter)

The discussion will be followed by a screening of

Anjaam, a documentary film by Ajay T. G., and a short clip by Anand Patwardhan on the ongoing satyagraha

No political prisoner in independent India has evoked so much support for his release nationally and internationally as Dr Binayak Sen. Dr Sen, held in prison since May 2007, campaigned fearlessly against the Salwa Judum, appealing to the government to terminate its policy of military suppression of the people of Chhattisgarh. He dared to expose the truth about a veritable civil war that has involved the rampant grabbing of land and forest and violent suppression of local adivasi opposition. In response, the state government has gone all out to present Dr Sen’s civil rights activities as a threat to national security. It has trumped up charges against him and continues to make a mockery of the rule of law. To silence the voice of Dr Sen is an attempt to silence all political dissent in society. No wonder the campaign for his release has received such widespread support throughout the world. Come and express your solidarity with him!

Venue: Conference Room, The Press Club, Mumbai

Time and date : 6.30 p.m. Thursday 2nd April 2009