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Delhi Events on 11 – 12, 16 December 2008 For the right to dissent & to demand release of Binayak sen

“In Defence of Right to Democratic Dissent and Demanding the Release of Dr. Binayak Sen”

11th Programme:-
1.    10.00 am Vivekanand Statue; Delhi University  rally to create public awareness amongst students about Binayak Incarceration and mobilise for 16th rally and future programmes in Delhi university. ( coordinator- Harish Dhawan and Budhaditya.
2.    9 pm JNU Tapti Hostel, Showing the Film Anjaam; and discussions. ( Sunaiyana and Neha)

12th Programme:-
Meeting to strategise for the RELEASE OF DR. BINAYAK SEN at 5 pm on the 12 December at Rajendra Bhawan opposite Gandhi Peace Foundation, DeenDayal Upadhyay Marg, Delhi
This will be a meeting to strategise on how to build the broadest possible alliance inorder to put maximum public pressure and to prepare ourselves for a dogged fight to release Dr.Sen.
The situation is getting grimmer and grimmer. The week from the 2nd to the 8th December saw the Bilaspur High Court deny bail to Dr. Sen and Piyush Guha; On the 5th December, the 2nd Charge sheet with 47 new witnesses got filed against Dr Sen and on the 8th December we saw the return of the Raman Singh Government.
The media and BJP is now shouting from roof tops that the BJP led by Raman Singh won in south bastar because of its tough stand against the Naxals and the policy of Salwa Judum which won appreciation.
It is clear that as part of the design of moving people into camps was also that their vote be controlled. All of you must have learnt that the camps voted for the BJP in toto. ( Even defeating the chief architect of the Salwa Judum Mahendra Karma).
Coming back to the meeting on the 12th, please all of you come. Ilina is especially going to be there. I ofcourse move between Delhi and Jaipur as if they are two ends of the city. SO I too will be there. Now please pass this message to as many people and come.

16th Programme : RALLY will begin between 1-2 pm from the Constitution Club and move on to the Jantar Mantar / Parliament Street Police Station where there would be Public Meeting including a cultural programme till 5 pm at Jantar Mantar/Parliament Street Police Station

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