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His son, I am not; my father, he is: A Poem

By Bupenda Meitei

Many hills , I have crossed

to feel natural beauty.

Many palaces , I have gone

to find royal blood.

Many humans , I have met

to find just world.

Many nights , I have waited

to enjoy full moon.

Many oceans , I have sailed

to discover new land.

Many histories , I have read

to understand modern man.

Many wars , I have fought

to protect true might.

Many cages , I have lived

to count iron chains.

Many birthdays , I have joined

to wish better future.

Many marriages , I have been

to bless new life.

Many christmases , I have graced

to sing Holy words.

Many pains , I have felt

to soar happy days.

Many joy , I have had

to cheer sad nights.

Many poor , I have served

to cover empty stomach.

After miles and miles of walk,

After thousands and thousands of meets,

After tons and tons of actions,

After millions and millions of thoughts,

After billions and billions of dreams.

I came home !

to find peace , I talk to my mother

to find justice , I question to my father

to find testimony , I search for my uncle

to find harmony , I long for my aunt

to find truth , I worship my grandfather

to find love , I embrace my grandmother.

I came home !

I came home

to proclaim success

with my counted stars of life.

I came home

to press trust

with my acquired strength of world.

I came home

to instill faith

with my inner self of being.

I came home

to shout laurels

with my good friends of land.

I came home

to witness beautiful ugliness

with my holy soul of sinful family.

At home,

infront of its door;

to knock , I stood


when seen , I was surprised !

Surprised , I had to

a man in chains , I didnt see

the man in chains , I did discover




…….to be completed soon in a few days when the poet’s heart feels free n his soul agrees to work….


” Dr Binayak Sen – who is a social activist , doctor by profession and indeed a very rational thinking humane human surviving on this earth but not living with other mankind of the world as he is in a jail due to obvious reasons known to the court of law but hardly acceptable to the heart of the poor people including me who has never ever met him but still loves him with the highest admiration for his thoughts and respect for his selfless work. I dedicate this beautiful and emotionally interwined midnight poem of mine to this great man whom even to meet simply to see him is becoming more difficult day by day. Lets pray for the highest justice for him and lets pray for him to again live with us in this world of We – the living and the dead , the courts of the world , the law of mankind of all civilizations and indeed which also can never exclude Dr.Binayak Sen too….”

The poet is not a relative of Dr.Binayak Sen by blood ‘except’ by the relationship of his love for him.

The midnight poem ” His son , I am not ; my father , he is ” started in the midnight of 3rd April , 2011 and got carried on again on 4th April , 2011 from 3:22pm till 5 pm ; followed by 5th April , 2011 from 1:20 am till 3:30 am and went on to 6th April , 2011 by 1:06 am which is also the birthday of the poet but he didnt celebrate his birthday composing the poem and dedicating the day for this great man living in the most simplistic manner on the earth of today’s world of justice and humane civilization .

The poem is still yet to be completed and the above shown part is just merely a one – fourth of the entire poem which is still lying somewhere not hidden inside the poet’s readable mind but kept deep beneath the poet’s undiscovered heart.

The poet expresses deep regrets for his inability to tame his mind, soul and heart to hurriedly complete inking the poem and prays for the reader’s forgiveness for the delay of the complete poem.