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Group asks India’s Foreign Secretary: Why is Dr. Binayak Sen being persecuted? Why are adivasis being attacked?

12 February 2011, New York City

Members of the Committee for a New South Asia in New York leafleted at a speech, on India-China relations, given by the Foreign Secretary of India, Ms. Nirupama Rao. The event was sponsored by the India China Institute at New School University. One side of the leaflet asked and discussed the question, “Why is Dr. Binayak Sen being persecuted by the Indian state?” The other side it asked, “Why are the Adivasis being attacked through Operation Green Hunt?”

Several people with leaflets were assigned outside the building and right outside the room where Ms. Rao was speaking. About 100 people attended the event. Some members from the Committee attended the event and approached Ms. Rao afterwards and personally handed her a copy of the leaflet.

Last week when Chhattisgarh High Court rejected Dr. Sen’s bail, a senior minister in the state government described it as “a vindication of the state government’s stand on Binayak Sen.” “Now when the high court has dismissed the bail application, it is better for so-called human rights activists in India and abroad to keep away attacking the Chhatisgarh government and state police,” he said. We want to send the minister a message that Dr. Binayak Sen’s supporters will continue to stand in his solidarity, in India and abroad, while exposing censorship, human rights violations and acts of repression by the Government of India.

PDF version of the flyer.