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Weekly protest calling for the immediate release of Dr Binayak Sen

From PUCL Karnataka:

A diverse group of Civil Liberties organisations and Peopleís
Movements will be holding a protest at the Town Hall in Bangalore on
every Wednesday to protest against the conviction of Dr. Binayak Sen
by a court in Raipur.

Dr Sen’s indictment under the draconian and undemocratic
Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2006, and the Unlawful
Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and the sentence of life
imprisonment is of grave concern.

We believe that Dr Binayak Sen is a victim of the vendetta of the
Chhattisgarh government for his bold and principled opposition to
state sponsored vigilante operation Salwa Judum, which has been held
unacceptable even by the Supreme Court. His conviction is one more
example of the state succeeding in securing the conviction of an
innocent person on the basis of false evidence. It is an occasion
for the nation to demand drastic reform of the criminal justice
system to ensure that it is not manipulated by the state to
persecute, prosecute and victimize innocent persons

This collective has already held protests in January and starting
February are meeting every Wednesday to voice their protest.

We invite all citizens to join us in this peaceful protest that is
held every Wednesday at 5:30 PM on the steps of Town Hall. Next
protest meeting will be held on February 9th 2011.

For more information please contact: