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An Appeal to the Prime Minister from BHRPC, Assam

Barak Human Rights Protection Committee (BHRPC), a human rights organization based in Cachar, Assam, has published an appeal to the Prime Minister for the release of Dr. Binayak Sen and for the repeal of laws including the law against sedition, the Chattishgarh Special Public Safety Act, 2005, the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 and the Armed Forces (Special Power) Act, 1958. BHRPC wrote that it believes, “Dr. Sen as been targeted maliciously for his peaceful and legitimate human rights works and criticism of the government policy that violates international human rights norms. His prosecution is malafide; in fact it is a persecution. He has been made an example of by the state as a warning to other human rights defenders not to expose human rights violations.”

BHRPC has also urged that

  • An independent inquiry must be instituted to find out those who conspired to falsely implicate Dr. Sen, fabricated evidence, committed perjury and unduly influenced the judge.
  • Dr. Sen and his family must be provided with adequate reparation.
  • Human rights defenders must be provided full protection and special professional privileges.

The full text of the appeal is here.