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Archive of entries posted on March 2012

Soni Sori Petition


Soni Sori’s Sisterhood Is Global

As of last night, people from 122 countries had viewed the Soni Sori video, according to Google Analytics, a total of 3096 times. (3662 times as of now.)

Check out the names of the countries in the complete list and be amazed. Here’s a sampling:

13 views from Iraq.

6 from Greece.

6 from Brazil.

5 from Ghana.

3 from Palestine (but none from Israel).

3 from Maldives.

3 from Uzbekistan.

3 from Venezuela.

3 from Libya.

2 from Estonia.

2 from New Caledonia.

1 from Tajikistan.

1 from Rwanda.

1 from Egypt (only one? That hurts).

And 1 from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

Some other interesting stats: 50.4% of the viewers are female. 49.6% are male. (The gender ratio of the global human population is supposed to be slightly skewed in favor of males, 101 to 100., according to the CIA. Yes, that CIA. They have to keep track of such things. Don’t ask.)

Someone from Spain gave it a thumbs up. Someone from Portugal added it to their favorites.

If you haven’t watched the video or want to watch it again, here’s the link:

You would notice 123 entries in the complete list below. But one of them is for users whose location Google couldn’t determine.


Reading Soni Sori’s Letters from Prison – Video Montage Marks International Women’s Day

In a global show of solidarity marking the International Women’s Day, concerned citizens from around the world today released a video documentary based on letters written by imprisoned adivasi school teacher Soni Sori, currently held in the Central Jail in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The video is available for viewing and sharing at


On the encounter deaths in Chennai the night of Feb 22/23

The “encounter” deaths of five persons suspected of having carried out two bank robberies in Chennai is reminiscent of the Batla house encounter. It has once again focused attention on the practice of extrajudicial killings in Tamil Nadu. Reports in The Hindu indicated that the police got a tip-off about where the perpetrators were, after the photograph of one suspect appeared in the media. As a follow-up, the official version goes, policemen visited the premises where the five men were and asked them to surrender.