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Archive of entries posted on August 2011

Binayak and Ilina Sen on the Anti-Corruption Protests

This has been the month of Anna Hazare. A cricket journalist asked Sunil Gavaskar if he supported Anna’s campaign, and Gavaskar shot back, “Of course, I do. Who doesn’t?” Team Anna must be congratulated for capturing the imagination of the nation on the issue of corruption in our public life, and highlighting the crisis of credibility in the governance system.


UP PUCL activist and husband in jail for more than 18 months

On February 6, 2010, the psychology student of Allahabad University and her husband, former student leader Vishwavijay, were booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention Act) 2005. Seema’s friends believe she is paying the price for being a whistle-blower against the powerful sand mafia of the state. Though there have been protests and petitions against Seema’s arrest, her bail plea is pending in the Supreme Court and her case had not been listed in the High Court for over a year.

Seema is not alone. She and Vishwavijay join the long list of activists who have tried to expose the state and ended up being branded Naxals and jailed like Binayak Sen, Prashant Rahi, Praful Jha, Sudhir Dhawale and Asit Sengupta.


Lokpal Bill: Binayak Sen urges Anna to end fast

Raipur/Jaipur: Noted Social activist Binayak Sen appealed anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare to end his hunger strike keeping in mind national interest.


Binayak Sen faults BPL criteria

Jaipur: Noted social activist Professor Binayak Sen on Friday said the very basic criteria of the government for inclusion of people below poverty line are faulty. Since the criteria are faulty, he added the benefits of public distribution system (PDS) and basic necessities like food security, education and health should not be limited to people BPL and must also be given to all other sections.


Tushar Joag on art as public intervention

Tushar Joag, 45, is a Mumbai-based self-proclaimed “public intervention artist” who wants to encourage public debate. In a conversation with Aastha Atray Banan, he talks about epiphanies and effectiveness.

Earlier this year, you locked yourself up in a 150×91 cm space for five days to protest against Binayak Sen’s arrest. Was it effective? What do you think about Anna Hazare’s form of protest?
My intervention may not have caused policy change, but my aim is to get people to debate key issues. On the last day, Binayak and Ilina Sen came over. The kind of response Anna has been getting is overwhelming. And if the public has been held to ransom by the government for so long, it’s okay to hold them to ransom now.