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New Year vigil at Kudankulam reactor site

MUMBAI: A rare new year vigil was held atKudankulam in Tamil Nadu, whose residents are up in arms against the nuclear reactor proposed at the site. Mumbai-based writer-activist Jatin Desai said that awareness groups from all partsof the country got together to celebrate New Year 2013 with the people of Idinthakarai and othercoastal hamlets of Tamil Nadu.


Brutality of the state exposed on Fabricated Cases

New Delhi: ‘It has been established beyond doubt that the Indian police and investigative agencies have for years run a systematic campaign to brutalize citizens by way of punishing them for defending their homeland, farms and communities, or for simply belonging to a certain community that is labeled as being involved in terrorism’ said the [...]


Dr. Binayak Sen Speaks in Edinburgh

Dr Binayak Sen does not look like a man for whom the term ‘seditious’ would be applicable. Yet the 62 year old public health practitioner, activist and prisoner of conscience has been battling the charge of sedition since 2007. India’s most famous political prisoner came to Edinburgh to speak at a public meeting on Thursday the 14th hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

At the talk Dr Sen did not dwell on his legal battle but rather on the social issues affecting the most destitute in India. He spoke movingly about the cases of the minority groups being forced off their land and communal holdings that have for years managed to just about sustain them. Focusing on the problem of famine, Dr Sen challenged the audience’s preconceptions of chronic food shortage to raise the point that under technical definitions, based upon percentages of the population under BMI 18.5, large regions of India have been suffering famine for years. Shedding light on the “rising” nation of India, Dr Sen stressed the extent of social inequality in the Indian subcontinent and the dire nutritional conditions that affect large swathes of the population.


PUCL: ‘Conviction of Seema Azad is a glaring travesty of Justice’

“The conviction of civil rights activist Seema Azad for terrorism, unlawful activities, sedition and waging war against the state is a glaring travesty of justice.” This was the view shared by all the speakers at a press conference today. Justice Sachar argued that judgment of the session’scourt is based on little evidence and little application of mind. The only allegation against her is that she was in the possession of literature that the prosecution argued was illegal. But between possessing literature and committing an offence is a wide chasm that cannot be bridged by the flimsy arguments brought forth by the prosecution and accepted by the judge.


The Gandhi Foundation Peace Award 2011 presented to Dr Binayak Sen and Bulu Imam

The Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award 2011
was presented on 12th June 2012
to Dr Binayak Sen and Bulu Imam
for their humanitarian work and their practice of nonviolence.
A review of the event with copies of the speeches will be posted in the near future

The Peace Award was created in 1998 by Surur Hoda and Diana Schumacher with the support of The Gandhi Foundation’s Life President, Lord Attenborough. The intention is to honour individuals and groups who have advocated and practised Gandhian Nonviolence but who have received little recognition for doing so; people whom E F Schumacher called ‘our unsung heroes and heroines’. Past recipients can be seen on on the ‘Activities’ page of our website.